Prayer Points

February 2019

Prayers for our World & our Friends

We pray for Bruce & Robin, Cassandra & Rhonda, Daniel, Jim & Peter, Jean, Charlie, Pam, Rex & Alva, Jan Grady, Beth, Simon, and for all their families as we experience compassion together. We pray for the commencement of our activities for the year, for the commencement of the school year.
We pray for all affected by the fires in Tasmania & the flooding in Nth Qld.
The Church Council planning meeting has been postponed until Wednesday 27 February at Bev Lacey’s place. Thank you for your understanding, please continue with your prayers and ideas.

For Reflection It’s all about Jesus; Songs of Praises, “with repeats.”

These were Bruce Dingle's constant words about the love and the grace of his life. This week we gave thanks to God for a faithful encourager, intercessor, servant of Jesus whose joy it was to know and do the desire of God's heart. To Robin, Ross, Carolyn and their families we offer our love, and among ourselves the people of God, our thanks. Amen.

Prayers for our World & our Friends

– for Bev, Robin, Pam, Barb, and for all their families
– We give thanks for healing and recovery for Cassandra, Daniel, Jim, Pam and Jan Grady
– for the mental, physical and spiritual health of those affected by the floods, fires and drought as they rebuild their lives and their livelihoods.


January 2019

Moderator’s Monday Midday Prayer for January

• Please join us in praying together each Monday at midday in January: May the light of the glory of Jesus Christ shine in us and through us. Amen. The Moderator, Rev David Baker.

Prayers for our World & our Friends

We pray for Bruce & Robin, Cassandra & Rhonda, Daniel, Jim & Peter, Jean, Charlie, Pam, Rex & Alva, Jan Grady, Beth, and for all their families as we experience compassion together.
We pray for the commencement of our activities for the year, for Playgroup, Fellowship, prayer and our commitments to one another.
Church Council will be meeting Wednesday 30th January at Bev Lacey’s place for our planning for 2019. If you have items or ideas that you would want included please pass them on to Neville, thank you.

For Reflection-After the Temptation comes the Ministry

When Jesus read the scroll that day and declared that the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him, the words that followed were to shape the nature and character of serving God thereafter. It was one thing for the people to be impressed, but it was another to be convinced. The Beatitudes of Jesus ministry are founded in the word s for him that




January 2018

Moderator’s Monday Midday Prayer for January
• Please join us in praying together each Monday at midday in January: O Lord, kindle our faith in you, that we may face the new year with grace and hope.  Amen. The Moderator, Rev David Baker.

Prayers for our World
The treat of wild weathers looms large again. Bushfire conditions across Australia, Ice Bombs across America and Canada and tropical storms across the Caribbean and the Pacific. We pray for emergency workers in all environments, and for the public to exercise wise behaviours.
We pray for the beginning of a new year, as school terms commence, for people making their travel home at the end of holidays, we pray for international destinations, for safety and respect,
We pray for our service groups, Lifeline, Uniting Care, BlueCare, WMQ.


• Please continue to pray for our projects, the Play Group, the Wesley
Mission Queensland partnership and Supported Accommodation, for the
forthcoming Spring Fair, and our fellowship activities together..

•Prayers for Peace in our World
We continue to pray for a peaceful reconciliation of the Korean Peninsula.
We pray for our Korean friends and the anxiety they are experiencing at
this time. We pray for the posturing of the powers of the world, that they
might find humility and another way to peace.

•Baptism for Hazel Claire Grandy, Sunday 27 August
Please welcome to our service this morning Kate & Leigh Grandy, as they
bring their daughter Hazel Claire for Baptism. We welcome their families,
with Douglas & Evelyn as we share this joyful time.


June 2017

• Forty Years, Forty Days, Forty Hours. May 14 to June 22

We continue the journey of Prayer, we pray with the current leaders of the church.

• Week of Prayer for Christian Uniting and Reconciliation. 28/5 – 4/6

Rev. Dr Chris Walker, National Consultant Christian Unity, Doctrine and Worship: “Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we thank you for this week of prayer, for being together as Christians and for the different ways we have experienced your presence. Let us always praise your holy name together so that we may continue to grow in unity and reconciliation.
“We pray for the ecumenical bodies with which the Uniting Church has connections: the World Council of Churches, the Global Christian Fo-rum, the World Methodist Council, the World Communion of Reformed Churches, the Christian Conference of Asia, the Pacific Conference of Churches and the National Council of Churches in Australia. We pray especially for the churches within Australia with which we have dialogues and relationships. May we work together with others to jointly serve your mission of reconciliation and renewal in the world. This we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

• We pray for this world of troubling times

“How hard it is to be alive today. Paris, Istanbul, Brussels, London and now Manchester. Evil stalks in more places than ever before, not just in the Middle East but in Europe, the Americas, even Africa and Australia…
We have to distinguish between explanations and responses. Until we have the explanations we have to respond and try to handle the suffering. We can’t leave it all to God. We dream of Him stretching out His hand to scoop us up. If that doesn’t always happen, He can help us to rise above the suffering and rob the evil of its power.”
Raymond Apple is Emeritus Rabbi of the Great Synagogue, Sydney.
For this, the Spirit is present, in this the Spirit keeps coming.


May 2017

Chaplaincy Sunday (21 May 2017)

Today we pray for all our chaplains across many areas of witness and service. The ministry of chaplaincy occurs across generations and cultures.
From schools to hospitals to the families of inmates, from industry to sport to the families of defence personnel, chaplains work with the whole family.

• Forty Years, Forty Days, Forty Hours. May 14 to June 22

We continue the journey of Prayer, we pray with the current leaders of the church.

• Week of Prayer for Christian Uniting and Reconciliation Reconciliation Day May 26

28 May – 4 June 2017 “Reconciliation – The Love of Christ Compels Us” (cf. 2 Corinthians 5:14-20) What does reconciliation mean, and what how is it expressed? It is no accident that this week concludes on the celebration of the Day of Pentecost (4 June) when the Holy Spirit came upon all people. A united church, a united world, is the will and desire of God in Christ.

• We give thanks for our Play Group, for the families and children, and helpers.

• We pray for WMQ as they continue in the planning for the Supported Accommodation Project, as they respond to modifying design

Apr 2017

• Prayer for the safety and security of the world:
I want to call you all to pray seriously, as I believe we already are, for the de-escalation of events in North Korea and the implication for South Korea, and the wider world. Let us pray also for our friends in and from South Korea. We pray for the families and friends of Gilbert and Winni and our Korean fellowship.

• Forty Years, Forty Days, Forty Hours
In preparation for the 40th anniversary of the Uniting Church, our leaders are marking the occasion with 40 days of prayer up until our historic inauguration date, from Sunday, May 14 to Thursday,June 22.
During this time, we will pray together for renewal for ourselves, our communities, our world and our Church. We will participate in A Destiny Together: A Week of Prayer and Fasting during National Reconciliation
Week from, May 27 to June 3, 2017.
There will be more details to follow over the next weeks.

• Anzac Day Commemoration
This past week Australia, with many nations of the world, gathered to remember those who lives were lost, changed, saved, destroyed, as a result of wars. Let us remember it is not only war that is devastating. The causes for wars and the impulse for wars are greater threats. May we pray  that our hearts and minds be transformed so that we can learn other ways to peace. Just as Jesus has shown us his way of peace. May we learn from him.

• Church Council Meeting. Wednesday, May 10
We invite members of the congregation to please pass on any thoughts, comments or requests that you might want discussed to Robin Dingle, by Friday, May 5. Thank you.

• We pray for Corey and Katie Gale as they prepare to bring their new son Lincoln Luca Gale for baptism on Sunday, April 23.

• We pray for so many who have lost so much, and for all who have helped in every way possible. Teach us to know and find God anew.

• We pray for those still waiting to move into their new places.

• We pray for Rev Chris Crause as he takes up his role as Presbytery Minister and Rev Stuart Bosch as he commences his placement in Bundaberg Coral Coast.

• We pray for Christians and people of good faith throughout the world. We grieve the deaths, the martyring of those in the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church. We plead for the restraint of violence and revenge.

Mar 2017

• We pray for the people of North Queensland, as they return home to clean up, and hope again following cyclone Debbie. It has been a long week.

• We pray for the final week of the school term, Play Group, RI. Give thanks for God’s presence with us always.

• As the time of Easter draws nearer, we pray for the strangeness and the confronting wonder of this message, this witness to the world and Jesus’ declaration of peace and forgiveness and the rejection of violence.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

  • May 28 until June 4. The theme: ‘Reconciliation – the Love of Christ
  • compels us’. Why is reconciliation so difficult ?. It seems we get stuck at
  • compensation. May we pray for the dismantling of barriers of all kinds so that we may contemplate the unity that Christ wills for the world.

•Please join us in praying together each Monday at midday in March: “Almighty God, unto whom all hearts are open, all desires are known, cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of your Holy Spirit.” This prayer continues and concludes in this way: “That we may perfectly love you and worthily magnify your Holy name.” Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

• We pray for WMQ, for our Play group, and for the contact and relationships with our community. May we grow in love and faith and mission.

• We continue to pray for all who seek healing and peace and yearn for the deep presence of God. Let us pray this for our experience of Lent this year.

• Pray for Rev Chris Crause as he prepares for his placement as Presbytery Minister for the Mary Burnett.


Dec 2016

Christmas Message from the Moderator:

David spoke of the disruptions that we are facing in our world at present, and that in the turning to hear again the familiar and comforting message of Jesus as we gather in adoring hope around a holy Child we find a sense of steadiness and reassurance. Christmas is also a time of disruption, for God’s coming into our world in Jesus was to disrupt the disruption of the world and bring peace and order and the glory of God to us all. Amen.

Play Group Commencing Tuesday 17 January, 2017. 9 am-11 am.

Please pray for Pam and all those assisting to set up, for those who will become part of the group and for the community we hope to serve.

For our Mission and Ministry.

Please continue to pray for our projects, the Play Group, and the Wesley Mission Queensland partnership and the Supported Accommodation. The Next meeting with Wesley Mission Qld will be Tuesday 31 January.

We pray for the safety and the good sense and patience of all

who are driving and travelling over the coming weeks. We pray a special protection for us all.

We pray for the challenge for peace in our world,

for those places of terror and fear, of devastation and oppression. We pray for and give thanks for the generosity of the peoples of the world, who, like a green shoot rising from a burnt out stump, bring life and hope to the places of the world.

We pray for all our caring services:

Lifeline, Uniting Care Community, BlueCare, the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, and for all emergency workers, carers and their families, for whom this time also brings great sacrifice.

Nov 2016

Presbytery Minister

  • Following the retirement of Rev Bob Harriman from ministry and the conclusion of his term as Presbytery Minister, the Joint Nominating Committee has discerned a name to be presented at a special meeting of the Presbytery in Gympie, 10am Saturday 3 December. Please pray for this person and for the meeting on this important occasion.
  • Please continue to pray for our projects, the Play Group, and the Wesley Mission Queensland partnership and the Supported Accommodation, for Alex Park and the Presbytery Mission proposal to go the Synod Standing Committee; for all the planning, preparation and an excited sense of vision.
  • We pray for our neighbors in New Zealand following the earthquake. Calm their fears and keep them safe, for those so terribly violated in the conflict in Syria, for those fearful of earthquakes in Italy, and for those affected by famine.
  • We pray for all their gatherings and travels. For the end of the school year, for hopes and dreams of all.

November Movember & White Ribbon Day 25 November

  • Let us pray for men’s health issues, Let us men not be stubborn about our health, for ourselves and for those who love us. And, we wear a White Ribbon and pray for the prevention of violence against women


Sep 2016

Pray for medical professionals: paramedics in ambulance services, nurses and doctors in hospitals, specialists, doctors in private practice, blue nurses, nurses’ aids everywhere, flying doctors, physios and so on. May they be blessed for the work they do in preventative and curative endeavours.


July 2016

• WBM and Maroochydore UC Project.

Let us continually pray for the young people with disability and the hope this new project will offer. Let us pray for all involved in the planning project team. Give thanks to God for the leading and guiding and our faithful response. The process of setting up a Project Control Group is underway which will include members from our congregation and from WMB working together.

• Pray for the peace of the world.

As the superpowers are wanting to assert and hold their power in the old ways, we pray for peaceful and courageous diplomacy. We pray for the disarmament of the world. Where there is so much anger boiling over into revenge or violence, Lord, make it stop, and we with them.

• We remember also the people of France, that France may build solidarity, compassion and hope in the face of that which would separate, divide and destroy.

• Please be remembering the people of Turkey as they seek to understand and respond to the disruption in their life.


June 2016

• Please join us in praying together each Monday at midday in June: “Lord, give us wisdom and hope as we discern leadership for our country.” Amen

• Each Monday 8 am. Prayer in James’ office at the church.

• Let us pray for a world that is not defined by the rule and of power and might and greed, but by the voice of prophets and the passion of God and the compassion of people of good will in all places.

• We pray for those adversely affected by the wild weather, flooding rains over the past weekend and for the cleanup that is to follow up. We give thanks for emergency workers and for the resources we take for granted here in our country.

• We continue to pray for discernment for the forthcoming Federal Elections. Let us be wise in our considerations, and faithful in our responses for the sake of the gospel. Again, I encourage you to look at the issues as raised by Uniting Justice on the Assembly website:

• We pray for all those travelling at the present. Give thanks for greetings from Neil and Ruth, Theo and Sandra, Tony and Titi in their travels.

• We thank Geoff Batkin for visiting with us last Sunday and ask that we continue to pray for discernment and faith with the invitation to enter into a mission partnership with Wesley Mission and the opportunities and challenges that brings to us all.

• We pray for Religious Instruction in our community Schools, and for the love and dedication of many faithful instructors, that together we may offer gracious witness to the love of Jesus to the young people of our community. We pray that we successfully face the challenges to the continuance of the programs in our schools.


May 2016

• Please join us in praying together each Monday at Midday for May:

“Lord, at Pentecost your Spirit transformed the early church in power.
May we be transformed to live your way.” Amen.

We pray for the meeting of the Queensland Synod 20-24 May, 2016.
We pray for the nomination for Moderator Elect, and for the discernment process for General Secretary. May we be wise, courageous, faithful and gracious.

We pray for the so-called “collateral victims” of the conflict in Syria, for the recent bombings claiming civilain life, for the vengeance that drives retaliation.
We pray this must stop and meaningful peace be established.

• Each Monday 8 am we meet to prayer in James’ office at the church.

April 2016

• Please join us in praying together each Monday at Midday for April:

“Loving God, this month we remember lives given in the service of others. Open our hearts and minds to the possibilities of service around us.” Amen

• Alex Park Future. Please continue to pray about the discernment for the future direction of Alexandra Park. On behalf of the Presbytery and the Synod, Rev Ian Stehbens is conducting a mission strategy review. There will be a time when we will be invited to contribute our thoughts and visions.

• We continue to pray for the recovery of Fiji, Tonga and other places affected by natural disasters. In the same way we pray for those places affected by war and corruption and give thanks for all who in hope and courage stand firm for a better and right way. Pray for all who are emergency workers, overseas and at home. We give thanks for their dedication and skill.

• We pray for the dismantling of structures that give rise or cause for acts of violence, oppression, retaliation and desperation. Where justice and mercy will become a truthful expression of our global humanity. We pray for the feeling of overwhelming helplessness but give thanks for the great hope and courage rising from the people. This is love crucified arising.