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    God has been very involved, quite busy in fact , in Abraham’s life. Now the same challenge to promise is visited upon his son Isaac. Having married Rebekah, with the intriguing co-inherence of lives and journeys having brought them together, now the possibility of an heir, a son, the promise is again precarious. It seems that conception by natural means is beyond the power of human ability. Isaac is 60. Life,comes from God alone.

    But the mystery remains : life did indeed come through Hagar, a life still blessed by God, watched over by God. But promised life is not something humans can control. It is God who makes promises, and then fulfils promises. It seems that along the way we are called to trust and keep faith. But along that way we find ourselves making our own plans, detouring and wayfaring. It is a very winding path we make. God weaves many paths together to make one road.

    This is still our authentic journey of faith because God faithfully leads us.
    Or does God in his own strange way follow us ?. This is when and where we discover that God is the reconciling God who is drawing all things back to himself. From those times when we have wandered far off track, somehow God is working his good purposes even through our awkward and often rebellious attempts. We are to learn that God is no bully and it is God’s kindness that leads us back. It is God’s goodness that ensures that God’s good purposes and promises are fulfilled.

    This sense is affirmed in the Gospel when Jesus urges us to take his yoke upon ourselves because his yoke is easy, and his burden light. This is to echo what and how we learn from him because he is gentle and humble in heart. This is what we must learn. This is what we must know and this is how we must be for others. Such a way does not fair easily in our aggressive and prejudiced world.

    The kingdom of God is among us, and God has given us infant’s eyes to see.

    Grace and peace, James.

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