They Appeared in Glory Which is the Real World? (07.Feb.2016)

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    With this the final Sunday of Epiphany we meet Jesus. This is not an ordinary light, a brighter light, or a lamp with the intensity turned up. This is a different light. This is not the light of the Sun, or the moon. It is not a light that we ourselves can create. This is a divine light, holy light. This light is both source and being. For we are minded “ … that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all (1 John 1.5).”

    In this we are also reminded that there is another world which our faith reveals as the real world. This is the world of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It breaks into our world with a brightness of a light that is visible even in what we call light. We may be able to paraphrase for the point, “ the light shines in the light.“ This is the light to whom we are to listen. This is the light upon the mountain.

    Mountains have a way of disarming us. There are those who choose to conquer certain mountains, a challenge, a quest that meets a certain life need, want, desire. The truth is that mountains can kill you. Perhaps there is a certain truth to that when it comes to the Transfiguration. This mountain will have a way of disrupting us. It will change our perspective, our way of seeing the world. This mountain, if you will, conquers us.

    When we come down off the mountain, as we necessarily must, we find ourselves in a different place. This place is no less than the world of our God and Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why in Luke the Transfiguration and the Healing of a boy with a demon belong together. It is the world where the real world of God is revealed, not on the mountaintop but in the valley. On the mountain the disciples were silent.

    In the valley the people were amazed. This is transfiguration.

    Grace and peace, James.

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