The Next Generation – They were not even out of the Womb

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    Some years ago Hugh McKay, Australian social commentator and producer of the McKay Report, wrote a book called Generations: Baby Boomers, their parents and their children. Well, we have moved on a few generations now, X, Y, Z, the Millenials and the Gen Alphas.

    But the movement through and over three generations continues to raise very similar questions, challenges, issues and responses. He concludes that uncertainty and insecurity amid the yearning for security and the protection of freedom makes for contradictions in all of us.
    Generationally we all do the same thing. We espouse our virtues in the one breath and scathe the new in the next.

    The older generation feels anxious about the direction things are going and feels guilty of having failed the rising generation. The next generation feels insecure because of the downward pressure from the older and has fearfulness for their children, as if control is slipping from its grasp. As it was in the beginning, promise is under threat again, as it always appears to be.

    Yet this has been met with adaptability and courage, faith and inventiveness and a resilience that is permeated with the power of resurrection life. This life reaches through the Cross and an empty tomb and points us again to the heavens.

    What will be the next generation? This question will always be on our minds, if not on our lips. The hope of parents, the promise of children, and the mirrors and the windows they hold for us. Esau and Jacob present a type, a hunter and a settler, the older, the younger.

    A conflicted life follows with success and failings, sufferings and joys which invariably foreshadow what will follow for the people who bear God’s name. There are family dynamics in every age. These are writ large among the nations of the world, or writ small, in our own homes.

    “One thing that can always be learned from stories like this,” Richard Pervo writes, “is the possibility of grace, that the real meaning of providence is not that God has a plan for your life, but that God has goals achieved by writing straight with crooked lines.”

    Grace and peace, James.

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