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    The LORD saw Nathanael. It was not that Nathanael had seen the Lord, it was that the LORD had seen Nathanael. This is how faith is. We come looking, seeking and paradoxically we are seen and found by the LORD.
    This seeing was not any ordinary seeing but a seeing into a soul, into a calling and into a destiny. To be seen, is to be noticed, to be noticed is to be held in some accord. Dare we imagine something as beautiful as God?
    Have our eyes grown dim that beauty has become overwhelmed by the harsh and brutal things of the world.

    Dare we believe that the eyes of God see the beautiful, that such light sees light and consumes all darkness. The Psalmist announces an astonishing reality, that ,even the darkness is light to the Lord (Psalm 139.12).

    Over the next few weeks there is the steady rise in the calling by the Lord to follow him. This Jesus is now being revealed as the one who sees, and knows, unnerves, captures minds and hearts and wills and lives are set on a course of heightened meaning and purpose. Something is already stirring in the air and John tells two of his followers about Jesus. They go and see Jesus. Andrew is impressed enough to go and tell Simon/Peter. Then Phillip, and in turn is impressed enough to go find Nathanael. The word is spreading, a bit like “So I told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on…” It is a most gentle and natural scene of friends talking with friends, meeting with Jesus and experiencing him for themselves.
    And, with the calling there is a growing understanding as to who this Jesus
    is. John has already called him “Lamb of God,” Phillip calls him Son of Joseph, even Nathanael is bold enough to quip, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” But all of this gets stretched beyond their wildest expectations when Jesus says something to Nathanael that catches him off guard. Just what has Jesus seen, and when and where. With Eli the aging priest whose eyes were fading and the young Samuel who was learning to hear the voice of the Lord, now the emerging disciples having been seen by Jesus are beginning to see for themselves beyond their conditioned expectations that the messiah looks very much like Jesus indeed.

    Grace and peace, James;.

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