Pentecost – Birth of the unselfish Spirit

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    God, it seems, cannot help it, but has to let it all out. Having created a world, a universe of great wonder and joy that has God’s imprint all over it, God cannot give it up even when things go astray. In Jesus this great love and desire reaches fullest and deepest and passionate expression.

    Now, the Holy Spirit, God’s own life and breath flows freely, messily, into this creation giving birth yet again. The bible stories are filled will many births. The first birth of the universe, and all that, is in it; the birth of the peoples of God, the birth of Jesus, and now the birth of the church.

    “Births are rarely neat, tidy, or quiet, whether it’s a human being or “something beautiful” struggling to be born. The birth of the church is no different. The feast of Pentecost–of harvest–is a good time to think about pregnancy and birth. The great crowd of converts is its own kind of harvest even as it leads to even greater possibilities of growth and new life. In addition, the disciples, cowering and confused, experience their own kind of rebirth or transformation by the power of this Spirit who blows into the scene on the rush of a mighty wind, with great noise and even with fire. In this case fire and wind bring not destruction but new life. As with birth it may not be quiet or peaceful, but it is exhilarating and, in the end, a very good thing.”

    We are the people of the Spirit, always being born again. Clumsily, we will find our feet, our balance, our way. Carelessly, we lose these things only to find ourselves amazed and astonished as the Spirit speaks to us in a new way.

    Here was the scene on that day. “Now there were devout Jews from every nation under heaven living in Jerusalem” (Acts 2.5). Their devotion was dramatically transformed that day. Let us pray that our devotion may be an open and free welcoming of the new life the Holy Spirit unselfishly
    desires to pour out as a very good thing.

    Grace and peace

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