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    I’m Dreaming of …
    What are you dreaming of this Christmas ? There were many dreams occurring at this time. In fact, dreaming seems to be one of God’s best ways to speak to us. You know, when we are asleep, when our conscious is out of the way, God can get into our soul, our spirit and our dreams.
    And then, there are all those angels, not just any angel. None other than Gabriel brought this news; first to Zechariah, then to Mary, and finally to Joseph.
    Before long there is great joy and the human soul of Mary sings.
    Sometime later it is all the host of heaven who sing. We can no more explain Christmas than explain ourselves.
    To do so is to stop the soul from singing and cause the dreamers not to sleep.
    We may want to complain that Christmas is really for children. We can be excused for thinking this given all the retail marketing polluting our eyes. But a few good long blinks and we might be able to divert our gaze to see not the merchandise but the delight and magic of wonderment
    as surprises are unwrapped and hope and peace and joy and love are exchanged. I use these words carefully because maybe we too would like to find that child in us, the child given to us at our birth. For some, somewhere along life, that child was lost or stolen. May we all be unwrapped this Christmas.
    This is a chance to be born again. We do not ask for anything nor do we need to. Simply contemplate the wonder of God and see where it takes you. To discover “What is this God like?”. God is like a child in the womb.
    My Christmas message this year? God has said it already. All I can say is listen. We are the privileged ones. We get to see what the angels saw. We get a look at God and can save the explaining for another day. As the hymn concludes: “Fain we embrace thee with love and awe. Who would not love thee, loving us so dearly. O Come let us adore him …” Grace and peace for Christmas. James

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