Good Friday – Killing Jesus, a love that wants violence to stop

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    By the time Jesus is hanging there on the Cross, a more lonesome figure we couldn’t consider. While we were sleeping last night, so to speak, a series of events took place that could only be described as contrived, corrupt and colluded. It is said that on that night, Herod and Pilate became friends. A more wicked alliance we couldn’t imagine. Although history has shown us this being brutally repeated many times.

    That night a calculated process manipulated the due processes of law, religion, politics and society to ensure an innocent man was crucified. His innocence lay in exposing a darkness that could no longer tolerate light. It is unsettling when the only way you know is not the only way.

    Good Friday is the day the world said “No” to God in Jesus Christ. We might want to think that we are more secular and irreligious today. But this day over 2000 years ago was the definitive day the world rejected God. Not only was God rejected that day, so too the dignity of being fully human was discarded. Well, Jesus was killed again earlier this week with bomb blasts in Brussels. He was killed again when a young girl was assaulted in Melbourne. He is being killed each time indignity and violation and … I am sure you can add your own reflection.

    It may be seem that I am being dramatic. But what is happening in our world and what we are doing to each other should be drama enough to awaken us to the witness of God in Jesus. Jesus’ ways are still confusing and absurd to us. Yet we still like think that he was a good person and worth taking notice of.

    As Jesus said, “whatever you do to the least of my people, you do to me” (Matthew 25.40). Let us stop doing these things to each other and to our world and allow the Jesus that we have come to know make good in us.

    Grace and peace, James.

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