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    There is a light and there is a shadow. When you face the light you see no shadow although one is cast. When you turn your back on the light,you only see a shadow, but graciously still feel the light.

    It seems there are also different face-offs happening. What does each see in their faces? Holy Week this year finds the world on edge. The Super Powers are at it again, showing off their might and aggression, taunts and threats. North Korea, Russia, US, China, they are all at it. So what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, or so that absurd saying goes? What we do know is, it isn’t going to go well.
    Meanwhile, the rest of the world looks on, watching, waiting, praying. How then, shall we pray?

    Holy Week began with the Parade of Palms. And as the world marched for peace the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church was bombed. Teams in Germany getting ready to play football had their busses bombed.
    In Gethsemane Jesus asks the disciples to keep watch and pray. Later, before Pilate, Jesus allows Herod and Caiaphas to make their statements and accusations without seeking to correct them. Jesus simply says, “If you say so.” The irony is that their accusations are true. But their insight and response is corrupt.

    It is from the cross that Jesus has his say. In effect, Jesus will speak from this scandalous place of “authority” as the crucified God. Who will decide if it was all worth it?

    I wonder what does God think about collateral damage? In the wrong place at the wrong time. Sorry. We tried our best. Sorry.

    Easter pleads with us, declares to us that all violence and hatred is in the end futile. Here, emptied of all but love, it is the pierced heart of Jesus that soaks it up to bursting. The way of Jesus seems to be a stretch a little too far. But then again, the love of God stretches further than we can imagine or dare to hope.

    Christ is Risen. He is Risen indeed. James.

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