All of this is us – the Experience of God It’s a big world after all

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    I have two sons – the boy from Fiji, the man in Australia. In 1977 I had just finished high school and beginning university. I didn’t know what the Uniting Church was, although I had friends from school who were involved. I was largely oblivious to it all. I was just a young man, having grown up in Fiji where I played among my Fijian and Indian and Rotuman friends.

    Then there we those who were referred to as part-European, a term now that makes me shudder. This was my childhood, but, being white and Anglo I was still privilege. Being male I was still privileged. Being naive I didn’t really understand. I played with my friends anyway. But there was a call and life unfolded. With my choices and despite my choices, I am still discovering and accepting this as my authentic life which is God’s gift to me. It is my life lived among those other than me. It is to see God’s promise in another nation, another people, another person, that causes me to consider the meaning if there is only One God.

    I am therefore more than the sum of my experiences and my history. Now, how did I get to where I am now? All of this is me.
    All of this is us.

    Grace and peace, James.

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